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    The online opportunity

    What should I look for in World Class online business training?


    First and foremost, doing business online is not a get rich quick scheme. If the training offers you to get rich quick, run the other way. There are far too many scams in the online world. 

    Secondly, it is important to note that success varies depending on many factors, like how fast you learn and apply what you learn, quality and content of your website(s), your chosen niche, how fast you generate traffic etc., etc.  You need a solution that makes online learning easy.  You need a solution that takes you through a few easy steps. 



    ·      High-Quality content (walk through with examples that are available in written, video, and periodic      webinars from industry experts 

    ·         Professional lessons of the caliber of Community College or University

    ·        Thorough and balanced course content to facilitate achieving online success, high-ranking,  SEO, Authority, Trust all aspects in Affiliate Marketing


    Learn how to make money online 

    Community forum 

    ·         Helpful, Supportive geared to build confidence

    ·         Participants from all over the world

    ·         Easy access 24/7

    ·         Response to questions in minutes, not hours

    ·         Ability to blog for free on a Google indexed blog service



    • Availability of thousands of WordPress templates for Free
    • Website builder with WordPress templates
    • Site content writerKeyword tool builder to rank at the top (for blogs, content etc.)
    • Site Feedback from other members  
    • Site Comments from other members


    • World Class Hosting Service
    • 24/7 tech support with rapid response
    • Inclusion of security pack
    • SSL for owned domain names
    • Daily Website backups 365 days a year 
    • Website Comment & Feedback features


    ·         An organization that does not pressure you for money from the get-go. (Many organizations offer Free sign-up to test them out.  I recommend offerings that do that.)

    ·         As an example, with my Training recommendation, with the Wealthy Affiliate, you can sign-up for a Free 7-day Premium Trial – during the Trial you can thoroughly check them out as they provide access to the forum, the opportunity to ask questions, participate in live chat, website builder and try their keyword tool.  


    • Wealthy Affiliate charges a discounted annual paid membership of $359 a year, or you can pay as you go, $49 if paid monthly 

    ·         Ability to be an Affiliate to sell the Training – At Wealthy Affiliate, 3 Sales will cover your monthly fees and leave you with a small profit.

    So if you want to learn the ropes on making money online, with Affiliate Marketing, Selling on Amazon, eBay and Etsy, Blogging,  starting a Niche E-commerce site, or Selling Ebooks, sign up for and try the very best online training platform available today.



    Founder of Pathway to Making Money Online


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