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    What is the right recipe for generating website Traffic?


    During our quest to making money online, often at the monetization phase of building your website, one of the most asked questions from owners of websites has got to be,

    “How do I get website Traffic?“ A topic where there are certainly numerous opinions.

    Traffic generation

    There is a lot written on the subject. The really good news is that there is a lot that can be done to generate Traffic.  Quality Content, use of Keywords and all SEO undertaking are all very important, but, there are so many other things that we can do to direct people to our websites.  I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate and this is a topic that is covered extensively –  One of the members has blogged what I construe as very compelling recipes and lists on this topic that I deem worthy of sharing.

    To check out one of the most successful Wealthy Affiliate members take on generating Traffic,  please go to the link below. It is an enlightening, entertaining blog and you will find a very long list (42 things that you can do) that includes some surprising ways to accomplish this.

    traffic to websiteHow do I get traffic to come to my website?

    The second link from another successful member of Wealthy Affiliate below is a short training session, that is also well worth the read.

    traffic to websiteWebsite Traffic – How to Increase Your Traffic Starting Today!

    In my opinion, if you follow these steps, you can start to increase the Traffic to your website today.

    I hope these two pieces of information are helpful in your quest for online success.

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