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    To be successful, do it for the Love of it and fear none of it!


    In our lives, we all come to points where we feel that we can’t move forward.  A big part of life today is that often we are treading into new uncharted waters.  Many times being stuck can be attributed to our misguided focus on why something will not be work.  I believe that these thoughts are mainly caused when we are filled with fear.

    We fear that our efforts will not be good enough. We fear that we will disappoint others, our family, our friends, our co-workers, our superiors our followers or our Customers. We fear that our work will just be plain lousy.

    The reality is that we all have fears and we all have to work to conquer those fears. I was surprised to read that Jon Gordon, a very accomplished author faced a number of fears when he was writing his book “The Carpenter”.

    He was able to overcome his fears after some very deep thinking and the thoughts he had were a very valuable lesson for the book that he was writing.  I thought this was worth sharing.

    What he realized was that the solution to fear was Love. So instead of focusing on the fear of failing, he decided to focus on his Love of what he was doing and the desire to make a difference.  As he tells the story, after focusing on Love, the words and thoughts for his book flowed effortlessly and he completed the book in less than 3 weeks. What he took away from the experience was that if you focus on Love, you will dispense fear.

    What an inspiring way to build our lives, our learning, our projects, our businesses.  Partner with Love instead of fear.  With Love, you will create a masterpiece – something good, something awesome and something that you will be proud of.

    In building our businesses, we need to focus on the Love for building it instead of the fear of it failing. Think of the Love and passion you have for your niche, for your audience, for your customers and potential Customers.  Don’t worry about the outcome and negative thoughts about what people will think. The negativity sucks up your happiness and will derail your success. Tackle it for the Love of what you are doing, it will help to energize you, improve your performance and it will become even more than what you thought it would be.

    We all face challenges and forces that could derail us and throw us back into fear. Don’t let it happen.

    Aim to construct with Love and Love it all and fear none of it.

    · Love the resistance, it will allow you appreciate successes.

    · Love challenges, they will make you stronger.

    · Love competition, it will make you better.

    · Love the negativity you hear from others, it makes you more positive.

    · Love the ones that have hurt you, it will allow you to embrace forgiveness.

    · Love fear because it makes you courageous.

    So let’s continue to move forward passionately for the Love of it and fear none of it!

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    Founder of Pathway to Making Money Online


    1. Roy

      Love the “Loves.” Thank you for pointing out the great enemy which attacks us all and often stops us in our tracks – Fear.
      Fear is a formidable enemy but can be conquered.
      My faith is what gives me the strength and allows me to conquer fear each and every time !

      • Claudio

        Hi Roy,

        Thank you for visiting http://www.pathwaytomakingmoneyonline...

        Thank you for the feedback and I do agree, fear is a formidable enemy if we allow it to be.

        Faith is also a very formidable force, happy to hear that faith is your fear controller.  I believe faith is a belief founded on trust, faithfulness and loyalty. In my experience, it is not only inspirational but it is a true a guide to  moral excellence. 

        All the very Best,



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