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    The right Tools, Training and Support for Successfully Making Money Online


    If you are going to do business online then you will need not only website hosting but you will also need a whole lot more to optimize your site to make money.  You have to have the best training, you obviously will need a website, and just as important you will need support.

    I have only been working with Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member for just a few short months.  As I have written in earlier blogs, I did my research and I did it thoroughly.  In the end, I was impressed with what was provided by Wealthy Affiliate and relieved to find a company that was ethical and did not put pressure on me to join.

    My decision to choose Wealthy Affiliate was made easy by the fact that I could do a free trial and I could then make a decision to part with my hard earned money. I ended up going Premium after just a few days.  I suggest that anyone looking for training and online services for doing business online should do their own research.  I am confident that you will find that Wealthy Affiliate is the standout offering in terms of website services and provides much more than anyone else in the industry for a very reasonable price.

    To my surprise, even after thorough research, I am finding that what is included as a Premium member is a lot more than I thought I was going to get. That is rare. Some of the things included certainly are available elsewhere, but, in most cases, they come at a much higher cost.

    If you look strictly at website hosting, getting a comparison of what Wealthy Affiliate offers for hosting compared to other offerings can be done quite easily.  I am yet to find another company that provides what Wealthy Affiliate provides to their Premium member.

    wealthy affiliate

    Many other companies do not offer the array of tools and training that you get with a WA Premium membership. Remember, it is not just about getting the right tools; you need to learn how to utilize those tools properly and effectively in order to earn income online:

    • Informative and up to date Live video classes
    • Current and effective training on how to make money with your sites
    • Authoring and content tools
    • Website development classrooms
    • Live chat website

    Support, Training and required tools for a successful online business

    If we look at the website building component of an online business, many other offerings are built around “proprietary” software.  In my opinion, none of these alternative choices even come close to the WordPress framework. Many offer a “free” initial installation, I have yet to see one offering quality hosting with a full WordPress installation as Wealthy Affiliate does. Many offer one free website, but you do not get other tools and training. You have to upgrade and even then, you do not get anywhere near what I have listed above.

    These are premium quality offerings with unlimited hosting, including valuable internet marketing training, unlimited access to website experts with 1-on-1 help available even with Wordpress.

    What I have come to learn is that with Wealthy Affiliate, the opportunities extend well beyond any internet marketing make money online niches or products.  With the wide range of exceptional tools and training Wealthy Affiliate makes available, there are opportunities in promoting these. You can promote Wealthy Affiliate to the website and hosting niches, promote the keyword tool research, tackle the free website building industry, the WordPress industry, any local marketing industry, etc. etc., the opportunities seem to be endless.

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