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    Review of some of the best e-commerce sites for Affiliate Marketing

    It is estimated that retail e-Commerce sales (excluding travel, event tickets and restaurant sales) for products and services ordered via the internet over any device will reach $4 trillion by 2020 from less than 3 Trillion today.   This certainly brings a wealth of opportunities for the online entrepreneur.
    Affiliate Marketing is a win/win for the selling entity and for the Affiliate Marketer.  The selling entity gains marketing from thousands if not million of Affiliate Marketers for a fraction of actual sales (no need for any expensive marketing or ad campaigns with no guaranteed ROI).   The Affiliate Marketer does not have to pay for any product or service, they get a percentage of any and all actual sales generated by their marketing efforts paid to them directly.

    The different types of e-commerce merchants:

    There are a number of e-commerce products and services selling opportunities.

    1. Physical Goods

    Typically known as online retailers, they sell a wide array of goods ranging from clothes, home goods, flowers, gifts, business goods etc.  A virtual shopping cart is provided by many of these retailers and you basically fill the cart online, much the way you would fill a cart in a store.  The goods are either shipped directly to the client or some merchants have the goods made available at a local store for pick up.

    1. Service-based

    A wide range of services can be bought online from writers, consultants, service providers, educators,  web site design, web hosting, domain registration, etc.  Some providers allow you to buy standard services online, many ask for more details of your requirement (via an online form or a one on one consultation) and then provide you with a cost proposal for your to purchase made to your specific requirements.

    1. Digital products

    Digital products ranging from software, online education, e-books, photos, e-commerce etc. can be acquired from online merchants. Kindle is an example of an online digital merchant.

    How do I decide who and what to Affiliate Market?

    1.  Product Quality

    This is point number 1 for a reason. If the product Quality is lacking, it is a clear do not move forward signal. We strive to recommend only those products and services with premium Quality for Affiliate Partner Programs.

    2. Product Selection and choice

    This first thing to consider is the actual products available to sell from the network. Are the products or services a good fit for your niche (audience).   The name of the game is conversion, so you need to align your business with relevant promotions that you can put in front of your audience

    3. Location and Payment

    Different Affiliate networks offer a different payment “types”.  Most do offer check payment, but some  pay through Paypal, wiring money to your Bank and some even use Bitcoin payment.Check and make sure that the country you are in allows you to participate in affiliate programs and what kind of payment types are acceptable in your country.

    4. Cost  (reads, it should be free)

    99% of affiliate programs have no cost associated with participating.  If there is a fee, it should be a nominal fee to verify your identity and banking information for them to be able to pay you.

    Synopsis Review of some of the best e-commerce sites for Affiliate Marketing

    Below is a snapshot of some of the companies offering Affiliate Marketers the opportunity to work with them to sell their products to earn money online.

    Money under the mouse 1



    Amazon is one of the most successful e-commerce businesses in the world.  They have not only a burgeoning marketplace open to third-party sellers,  but Amazon also generates revenue from Prime memberships and successful subsidiaries like Amazon Web Services and

    Amazon derives a significant amount of its sales from third-party sellers which they call Associates, known as Affiliate Marketers.  They have almost 1,000,000 members in their affiliate program.  Affiliate Marketers receive a commission for sales generated from referrals to Amazon from links placed on their on their blogs, websites, social media outlets etc .  Worldwide, Amazon has “over  900,000 members” in its affiliate programs.



    Wayfair is the home furnishing giant e-tailer that offers a broad selection of “world” home goods with over 700,000 items.  They have some sophisticated software and they work hard to personalize individual Customers’ shopping experiences by observing and reacting to their shoppers behavior.    They had an impressive 55% increase from 2012 revenue, Forbes estimated $18 million profit on $915 million in revenue in 2014. At the end of May 2017 they had over 36 million site visitors.  Wayfair offers affiliates benefit from dedicated in-house management of up to 6% commissions and a 30-day referral period.


    Image result for zappos logo

    Zappos, based in Las Vegas, NV USA, is an online shoe and apparel retailer owned by Amazon.  Zappos is renowned for its high level of Customer Service.  A key core value to be delivered by each and every employee is to “Deliver WOW Through Service,” and appears to be consistently delivering on this. They are reputed for going against the trend with getting Customers of the phone when speaking with Customer Service, they profess the opposite, keep them on the phone as long as it takes to resolve the problem and fulfill their “Deliver Wow” mandate.


    Image result for shareasale logo

    SHAREASALE is another Affiliate marketing company offering a broad range of products that affiliate Marketers can to promote, sell and earn commission for those.  Affiliates direct leads to ShareSale  from links placed on their blogs, websites,  social media outlets etc .  RSS, PPC and SEO campaigns, email, Social Media etc…


    Image result for clickbank logo

    As an affiliate marketer, you can use the Clickbank marketplace to find products in virtually any niche that you can think of –  from the currently most popular to new offerings.   Clickbank provides their affiliates with the marketing materials that include sales letters, banners, and  email marketing campaign letters.

    CLICKBANK has a stellar reputation and their products are one of the most lucrative paying and highest converting platforms in the online industry.  All products come with a 60-day money back guarantee to help facilitate purchases.

    eBay Partner Network

    Image result for ebay partner network logo

    eBay has the world’s largest global marketplace.  When anyone buys an item that you have shared, they pay a commission.  Commissions are quite high, usually ranging from 50% to 70% of the eBay profit.

    eBay provides world-class Customer support and an engaged community.  They have blogs, forums and even hold in-person events to help their Partners keep engaged and connected. They work to ensure their partners are always  up-to-date with their newest features and are educated on best practices.

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    In Summary

    I have come nowhere near listing the many options available to Affiliate Marketers.  The ones listed above, I am familiar with and provide great quality and fair payment.  There are numerous others out there.  The best advice that I can give you, is that you need to do your own research and then do some more to ensure the partners you are considering are of premium quality and reputable.

    Using well educated choices on suppliers, products and services that support your niche will result in efficiently providing your Customers’ products and services that will make their lives and those that they love better.  There is no need to make quick rash decisions. Take the time need to do your research and do it right!  If we can help reach out to us.

    Here’s hoping to your future online success!

    Please feel free to provide feedback or questions.