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    The online opportunity

    The real opportunity for online success


    “Foundation to Success” Learn How to Make Money Online at Home, FREE

    Wealthy Affiliate was founded by two entrepreneurs from British Columbia, Canada back in 2005.  Since the company`s inception, Kyle and Carson have continuously enhanced the Wealthy Affiliate entity to become the leading platform for people just like you, looking to make an income online.  The founders are involved heavily and are accessible to the community

    Wealthy Affiliate is a community-based network that will provide you with the tools, the learning (teach you how) to start your own online business.  You can try it for FREE, and not have to worry about up-selling, the first reason why, be assured,  Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, and there are many more reasons why to choose Wealthy Affiliate.

    “Why choose Wealthy Affiliate? to make money online

    Whether you have some experience or none at all, in building a Website, getting Traffic to your site, (optimizing SEO, leveraging Social Media, etc.) and Monetizing a site, Wealthy Affiliate will help you build a solid foundation and provide you with the training and mentorship that is required for you to succeed.  Wealthy Affiliate guides you through a process that has been working for almost 20 years.  The community is made up of people who are and have been successful online, a trove of experience that you can have access to and leverage to move your own online business forward rapidly.

    It is estimated that the number of people with online access (online Globally) will surpass 4 billion within the next year.  Facebook alone has over 2 Billion users as of June 2017.  That is a massive marketplace.   What a tremendous opportunity for those willing to step into it.

    Wealthy Affiliate is unique in that they provide all of the things that you will need –  The training, the tools, the services and the support that you need to succeed under “one platform” to build and maintain a successful online business. Other companies will piecemeal it out and provide one product or service, just PART of what you need and then bill you more for the rest. Wealthy Affiliate does not give you an empty toolbox, you get the real deal – the tools, the instructions and access and support 24/7 – an all-inclusive environment.

    Success online is broken into the 4 Simple Steps:

    1. Choose a niche;
    2. Build a physical place on the internet to blog, promote;
    3. Get ranked with best SEO practices;
    4. Generate revenue.

    4 easy steps to earning money online learn them with wealthy affiliate

    The Wealthy Affiliate certification course, which you can go through at your own pace,  takes you through these 4 Key steps with written lessons, videos, members blogs and an open forum that you can pose questions and get quick responses when you get stuck.  Weekly up to date live online web classes with the latest developments are included.  The training and content are updated regularly to ensure that they are up to date and include the latest developments.

    This combination of a world-class knowledge base to learn from, combined with successful online members that provide assistance when you need it, is invaluable to positioning you for success online.

    “A Professional Website with Wealthy Affiliate” to make money online

    Once you have chosen a Niche (there is a Wealthy Affiliate Training Module to help you do this) Wealthy Affiliate provides you with 2 Free websites as a Free member.  (You get up to 50 websites with the Premium Membership).  With Wealthy Affiliate, you get the tools and the help that you need to succeed – search tools for keywords, SiteContent tools to generate compelling content, access to thousands of knowledgeable members and with  SiteManager, you can monitor your websites progress and health and get recommendations for improvement.

    Free Member – (No Cost)

    • 2 Free Websites + hosting – Hosting typically costs about $10 a site per month, you get this for Free.
    • Access to Certification Courses – Help to find a niche, help to build your own website,  best practices for SEO to optimize your websites rank, and how to generate income from your website.
    • If you don`t have a niche, you can take the Affiliate Boot Camp Course #1 – This is a course that shows you how to build a Business as an Affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate.
    • Access to Keyword Search (Limited)  – Search up to 30 keywords at once.
    • Community Support – Get help from over 900,000 users with varying levels of knowledge and experience.
    • Earn Money – Earn commissions with Wealthy Affiliates programs.

    A Premium Member ($49 per month, or Sign up for an annual membership for $359 Annually & Save 39%). Price has remained the same for years, other products will charge you $1,000`s.

    • Unlimited Community Support – Access to the full community at any time. Get assistance from the Top Ranking Members who are and successful for help!
    • 50 Free Websites and State of the Art Hosting Platform – You can host up to 50 Websites. Wealthy Affiliate utilizes the SiteRubix SSL Platform.
    • Access to Advanced Training –  Members are encouraged to provide Training in an area they have excelled at – you will have full access to all of this valuable Training.
    • Live Weekly Webinars:  Senior members cover a multitude of topics to help take your Online Business to the next level.
    • Classrooms – As a Premium Member, you have full access to all of the Classrooms on all aspects of Online Business available within Wealthy Affiliates.
    • 24/7/365 Support.

    If you want to make money online, Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

    Wealthy Affiliate members come from all walks of Life. People dispersed from their careers, people looking to launch new careers, College and University students, retirees, people from different careers looking to take a passion of theirs and generate extra income, etc., etc….

    There are over 600 Million products and services currently available for people to promote and sell online to generate revenue online.  As an Affiliate marketer, you don’t have to carry any inventory.  You simply become an Affiliate at no cost with companies (Like Amazon and Wayfair), they provide you with affiliate links, and you sell from your site or blogs, in return, you receive from 3 to 10% of every sale that is made.

    So go ahead, sign up for Free and check it out. 

    the best online training for affiliate marketing 

    If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate, provide your insights, or you have any other questions on internet marketing or affiliate marketing, please leave them in our comment box and we will be happy to get back to you.




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