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    Marketing your online business on Social Media


    This is a time when online content can be distributed at a cost less than pretty much any of the other marketing alternatives.

    To varying degrees, all businesses want to build brand or product awareness.  They want to strengthen their reputation, achieve market respect and recognition in order to achieve increased sales.  We live in wonderful marketing times.

    The internet is a very busy place with millions if not billions competing for consumer’s attention. So if you have created high-quality content, you will want to garner the greater attention of your target audience but you need to effectively market your content to get more traffic.  A well thought out, planned, targeted, track-able marketing strategy can be quite effective.  In spite of the challenges of so many distractions, Social media is one of the most leverage able mediums to achieve this.

    In developing and delivering a social media marketing plan, consider these important parameters and suggestions for effective social media marketing.

    1.First and foremost, does the content support your Business Strategy

    Don’t post content for the sake of content. If you want to achieve your marketing goals all of the content that you post should support your business strategy. Sure it is nice to have a lot of online content, but it won’t help you if it’s not of optimum quality.  Unaligned and poor quality content poses the risk of confusing your target audience and could turn them away from your products and website.

    2.Focus on relevant platforms

    You don`t have to be on all the leading platforms.  Do your research. What platforms are your competitors on?  Where are your prospects likely to be found? Are they on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+,  LinkedIn,  Pinterest, Instagram,  etc.  Choose two or three platforms that make sense for your products and services.   Facebook,  Instagram, Pinterest are ideal for “lifestyle” products or services. If you are into Business, Manufacturing type of entities like LinkedIn and Twitter may be the right choices.

    3.Who`s on first?

    There is nothing worse than having Customers reach out to you and they do not get a response. Your actions on social media result in comments and questions, these have to be monitored and replied to in timely fashion.  This is not just good business practice but it helps to build interactive relationships with your audience.  Look after your social media interactions and make sure hold up your end of the conversation.

    4.Don’t share too much or too little.

    Too many companies and people share way too much on social media.  You can also not share enough.  Post enough to get your message across, but don`t over do it.  Monitor responses to your posts and adjust the frequency as required.

    5. Your online content should be helpful information to build a relationship, don`t sell.  

    People are thirsty for information that is going to help them in one way or another.  They may need help in solving a problem, to learn something new, what is innovative and exciting.  Map content to the audiences informational requirements, not by product or services. You are building a relationship and if you can meet their needs, you will gain their trust and they will ultimately buy from you.

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