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    The online opportunity

    Marketing  Businesses Online


    We can thank the developments on the Internet to be able to connect almost instantly with almost anyone almost anywhere on this great planet of ours.  We can buy just about anything online and have it delivered, right to where you are – even if you are away on vacation.  In the online world, effective online marketing strategies are one of the keys to online success.


    Focus, Focus, Focus….on the Needs of Your Customers

    In any Business, the Customer is the single most important thing!  Your Marketing Strategy should be started and continue to develop as your Customers as the main focal point.  Understanding your Customers need`s is where you start and where you carry on.  It is crucial to creating sustainable connections on a personal level over time.  Content should be aimed to make visitors come back so that you can convert visitors into paying customers.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Develop and build a Marketing Framework

    marketing framework is a representation of the logical flow of your marketing plan. It is the actionable items that will bring your Marketing Vision to fruition.

    brand yourself

    A Brand and a backstory

    Your story is a big part of your online marketing effort.  Branding is the story of your business.  Buyers use their emotional and rational parts of their brain when they are going through the buying cycle. The stories of your business help create a connection between you and your customers as the story works on both the emotional and rational parts of the brain. This will help make them want to come back for more of what you have to offer.


    A  Well-designed attractive and interactive Website

    A good website should be attractive and interactive. The site needs to be appealing and interactive. Choose a good theme, keep it updated and make sure that it can properly display on computers and also smaller hand held devices, like tablets and smart phones.  Collect feedback from your Customers.  The easier and more engaging your site is for people (regardless of how they are viewing your site) the better the user experience and the higher the chances of success.

    Provide information about Your Business and your Products & Services 

    You want to tell your visitors about the business, the products and services you are offering to create connections that will lead to purchases. An informative Home page about the business, an About page, some, Historical information, details, comparisons, and reviews on the Services, Products Contacts and Privacy Policy are key requirements.


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Optimization is the name of the game.  Optimizing a website for searches requires time, effort and can be costly.  Ensure that the keywords and phrases are ranking well with the target audience.  Put in the hard work with ongoing maintenance and effort to ensure that you remain relevant in search results.  The ultimate Goal is sustaining Monetization over the long term.  Leverage knowledge wherever possible.

    Google penalties – Work your site to ensure that you mitigate against this ever happening.  When Google puts the hammer down on a domain for black hat SEO tactics or any other reason, it is difficult to save it.  It can be done but requires significant time and effort which would be better spent working on improving your online business.

    options of social media

    Utilize Social Media Platforms

    A presence on social media is one of the most effective marketing strategies to sustain a viable online business. Many people log in to the various platforms on a daily basis a number of times. Garnering an audience with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn is a great way to connect with Customers to promote your offerings.

    Leverage the Media

    Today’s Media personalities share a lot on the Internet and can have a huge following.  Linking with Media personalities can bring greater legitimacy, credibility, and exposure to your business.  the fans of these media personalities can visit your website and hopefully turn into customers

    Quality Content  

    Start with the text, images, and multimedia of highest available quality.  The site should be easy to read, understand and navigate with your brand message clear. Provide information using e-books and newsletters via email and on your blogs.

    The most important thing with your online strategies is to use the ones that help make your website attract as many visitors as possible.

    Please leave any questions or comments below.

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