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    If you want to succeed then certainly don’t….


    If you want to succeed, then certainly don’t ………….

     1. Return to what has not worked.

    Doing the same thing over and expecting a different result, well you know the saying.  Figure out what needs changing then change it and try again.

    2. Try to change another person or try to be someone that you are not.

    Accept or change yourself not forcing others to change – Always ask yourself, “Why am I doing this – if it is out of your comfort zone, you need good reasons why you are going to do it.

    3. Believe that you can please everyone.

    It is impossible to please everyone.

    4. Take your eyes off the big picture and choose short term gains over long term gains.

    Important achievements take time, they require hard work.  They can be painful.  You can’t take short cuts or skip important steps.  Winners remember that it is a number of small events and achievements that will allow you to achieve your long term goals.

    5. Trust someone or something that appears perfect.

    There is nothing wrong with following and trying to emulate people who are great Leaders, very good at what they do, exceptional people, stellar characters, or excellent entities.  Always remember though, nothing can be perfect, if it appears so, then it likely is not.

    6. Skip doing your due diligence or neglect to ask why?

    Always take a serious and diligent look into things before jumping in – find out what you really need to know to avert risk.  Always strive to be the victor, not the victim.   Life has a habit of throwing curve balls, but it is how we react that is the difference maker.

    Key to success not just for making money online.



    Founder of Pathway to Making Money Online


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