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    People all over the world buy the things that they need in many different categories like food, furniture, toys, clothes, fitness goods, medication, etc.

    We live in very interesting times – there is a trend of much greater comfort and an ease of shopping for all their needs online.

    Globally, people’s buying habits are shifting to online transactions at an incredibly rapid rate. This growth is unlike any other market segment.  Global online retail sales have grown to around $2 trillion and are expected to double in the next three to four years.  This creates a tremendous opportunity for those interested in capitalizing on this trend.

    The Wealthy Affiliate Program can be a life-changing opportunity that will teach you how to capitalize on this growing market. There are not many opportunities that will get you started to Learn How To Make Money Online For Free.

    a real life change from cocoon to beautiful butter fly

    Butterflies emerging from their Cocoon

    Learn How To Make Money At Home For Free

    It will provide you with the training, the tools, the help and the knowledge you need to create your own profitable online business leveraging your passions. You can do it part-time and generate extra income from something that you are enthusiastic about.

    If you are like me, you searched and searched then thought you had found programs that were going to deliver the goods for online success.  You thought you had found the perfect solution. You signed up and believed that you had finally found the program that would really help you create viable online business going.

    I jumped into few of those myself. There was always great promises.  They offered a very attractive low initial cost for an initial starting sign-up fee.  Unfortunately, once you were in, the up-sell started. That basic low-cost program that you signed up for, didn’t really get you very much.

    To get you the training,  the tools and the help that was advertised for that low, low starting price was actually going to cost you thousands of dollars. In some cases, some of these programs were just out and out scams without any substance whatsoever.   In other cases, the small print stated that if you did not cancel your low-cost monthly membership at the end of the first month, you would be automatically billed at a much higher rate on a monthly basis.  So, yes, I too got scammed.

    Fortunately, there is another path to successfully making money online.

    I want to help you and show you, a RIGHT path to Getting Started Online.  This is a real and easy opportunity to really get you going and providing you with the opportunity of doing it rather quickly.  It is also really inexpensive.

    You can do it and it will not cost you thousands of dollars.    The real beauty is that you can actually get started for FREE.  Seriously, it won’t cost you anything to start,  it can be done for $0!”

    So this is risk-free and at for no cost to you.  I can tell you, from my own personal experience, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.

    I have to ask you, what is there to lose?

    Let`s reaffirm that you do not have to worry that you will lose.  We aim to help direct you to a number of products and services that are free or free to try before you even have to pay absolutely anything.

    Here at How To Make Money Online, we really advocate leveraging knowledge and trying things out before having to buy anything.  We will get you into the online success business.  We will provide what YOU need to achieve success in the online world.

    For many people, there are a number of obstacles that have kept them from Online Success.

    For you, what have these been?

    Is it Fear? What are you afraid of?  Is it the Fear of failure?  Is it fear of doing new things? Fear that it is too hard to do?

    We would love to hear your experiences (Please leave it in the comment section below).   It will help us well as the people here at our site to serve you better.  We really want to help you to Succeed.

    You may be reluctant because you have fallen for online a scams before.  If that is the case, you really are not alone.  As I stated,  I too have fallen for a few. It sucks and it is very unfortunate, but the way I look at it provided me with some very valuable lessons.  We are here help, to get you on the right path and moving in the direction of ethical programs online.

    Let`s start with what is required to build a successful business online?

    The most important thing is having products or services that will make a real difference in the lives of your Customers and those that they love and being able to deliver those products or services effectively and efficiently.

    At Wealthy Affiliate, the founders and the drivers of the business have been involved in business online since 2002.  They have learned a lot and they have been really successful online.

    Not only have they learned about online success.   They have also learned a lot about people.  Even though we as people, are all quite different, the people at Wealthy Affiliate found that there were just 3 key things that were the common denominators of all of the people that achieved success online.

    making money online is not magic

    (1) People that succeeded have Quick Access to the resources required to deal with relevant Online business issues when they arise.

    As with any undertaking, things get stalled when you run into obstacles and you do not have the knowledge, experience or the required help at your immediate disposal when you need it.  It can take a lot of time and be very costly to hire outside experts.

    (2) Successful Online people have A Website 

    If you are online without a website, your success will be short-lived.  Simply put, if you do not have a website you will not have success online.

    The good news is that building a website today is very, very easy.  We said that we like try things first before we buy.  Why should websites be any different?  As a matter of fact, in a few minutes,  you can have your very own website up and be running without spending absolutely any money.

    Learn how you can build your own website in less than 30 seconds!

    (3) Successful people online acquire knowledge and they get educated.   They Learn regularly and then they Practice and implement what they have learned.

    If you do not learn and practice, you will find it difficult to do just about anything in life. It doesn’t matter if you drive a car or bike, skate, ski, play tennis, cricket, play an instrument, ride a bike etc., etc…

    • Training, Self-motivation, the more you know and the more that you learn, the more that you will accomplish and it will soon become second nature.

    Think of one of the best hockey players ever.  They call him the “Great One” and for good reasons.  His name is Wayne Gretzky.  Starting with his father as his very first coach, he trained and practiced hockey skills almost every single day from when he was just 2 years old.  Whether it was puck handling, face-offs or putting the puck in the net from crazy angles.  His teams won multiple Stanley Cups and he holds an inordinate a number of scoring records and he likely will for a very long, long time. With all the practice, things became second nature to him during the heat of a game. he easily did the things that he practiced. This set him apart from so many other professional players.

    We can assure you that you will get things done when you get assistance if you get trained properly and you then effectively and correctly put those things into practice.  All you have to do is be committed and of course, you do have to do the work.

    Getting Started With $0…


    When you sign up for 0$, here is what you Get to support those 3 Key things:

    • Instant Access to Personal Help & Support
      • Ability to get personal help from a community of 1,000’s of users
      • Live Chat support
      • Ongoing online business discussions
    • Instant access to creating 2 Free Websites
      • Fully functional WordPress Sites ready to make you money online
    • Instant access to Tons of training in the form of:
      • Videos
      • Tutorials
      • Online Courses
      • Classroom

    Let me remind you, that all of this for …nothing….no payment, no credit card required, $0.  It seems pretty crazy.  I thought it was too. We are certain that you will have a hard time finding this kind of opportunity anywhere else.  There is also a Premium option that you may consider which provides access to much, much more for $49 a month.

    If you choose the “Starter, $0 per month” option you instantly get access to the Global community but you have to provide your sign-in details.

    join wealthy affiliate for free no cost affiliate membership

    Here`s an overview of the differences of Starter (FREE) and Premium.  You can try the Starter and I`m sure that you will quickly want to move to the Premium Membership as I did after less than a week.

    There is Bonus available to you.

    You will never know what you have been missing unless you take the steps and join Wealthy Affiliate.  It is easy to do and there are no strings attached.

    If you join Wealthy Affiliate for a FREE Starter Account, if you become a PREMIUM Wealthy Affiliate member within the first 7 days, you will get a 59% discount.  When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will contact you on your profile and “Welcome you” and provide you with more information about Wealthy Affiliate.  I will let you know how to get help and how to claim your bonus.  This is an incredible value as you will have access to many years of online experience and mentorship that is not available anywhere else.

    If you have any questions about Getting Started, please leave them below! We would love to help you to get started online!



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