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Gauging the Value of an online presence, it is not just about Content


Jumping into an online business can be a daunting task.

Seems that everybody has an opinion on what is needed to be successful online. My journey has been a short one but I have been very fortunate to be a member of a World Class learning and training Company that has helped me immensely. Wealthy Affiliate has helped me to learn to ignore all the noise (and not waste a lot of time and effort) by being able to learn and then focus on what is really important to gain momentum online.  Wealthy Affiliate has taught me how to get the facts to make the right decisions and be able to hone in on the things that really matter, based on data and not opinions.


The online journey is one that I have found to be full of ongoing learning.  Working online, it is easy to get distracted and spend time on the many trivial things that do not move your business forward.  I just wish that I would have joined Wealthy Affiliate sooner.  If I had done it sooner, it would have helped me to save a ton of time and start earning money a whole heck of a lot sooner.

Support, Training and required tools for a successful online business


What I find the most interesting, is that I have learned not only from the lessons but from experienced and successful members who are there for the asking.  First and foremost, the thing that you have to do is drop the time-wasting menial activity – Call them the distractions.  Second, dump the “I will do it later“ mindset and do it right now.   Third, stop chasing the latest and greatest thing; rather, focus on the simple and basic things that will help move your online business forward.  Being successful online is a process. I have learned just as much about this process from fellow experienced members as I have from the lessons themselves.  I always get great answers and direction based on experience.


If you break the process down into tasks,  there really is a very straightforward 4 Easy Step process to Making Money Online.

  1. Choose an Interest
  2. Build a Website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Generate Revenue


If you want to build a revenue-generating online business it is repeatable:

  1. You have to build an online presence that is built to succeed
  2. You must have a website and online presence that attracts targeted Traffic
  3. You must have a website and online presence that ranks high with useful, relevant, compelling, Quality content
  4. Your online presence must provide Value (either by solving some sort of problem your audience has or by providing services or products that they desire
  5. You need to build an online presence that generates revenue


There is no magic bullet. No secret formula. If your online presence delivers Value, you become a respected expert in your niche, people will turn to you for information and advice and they will also direct their connections, friends, and families to you.  if you build a following and trust, they will buy from you.  You learn how to do this by following the training available at Wealth Affiliate and applying it. It works and it works very well.  If you build your business with real Value, you really end up helping people and not selling.  For me, this means having the ability to build a business to help people which I can carry into my retirement that will allow me to work on things that I am passionate about.  


The most important lesson that I have learned here at Wealthy Affiliate is that Content is King


In order to be successful, you have to follow the KISS principle.  Keep It Simple Silly  – Follow the training step by step, don`t skip any steps.  Follow Wealthy Affiliate`s proven process for success online.  Why try to reinvent the wheel? – The founders and successful members that have followed them, have done it and are making money consistently.  Learn and leverage that knowledge and experience on your own path to success.



manage data

Why is content so important?

Useful, relevant, compelling, Quality content is what the audience for your niche is looking for. So many people fear writing content but the reality is that just about anybody can learn how to write great content. Content is rated based on SEO but the true value of content is based on how well it helps solve a problem and how easy it is for people to acquire the products or services that they desire. That is what ultimately gets you Traffic and subsequently provides you with the opportunity to generate revenue.  


As I stated above, if you want to succeed online, follow the training and use the tools that are available to you at Wealthy Affiliate.  The SiteContent tool is an awesome recent addition that will help you to generate the useful, relevant, compelling, Quality content you need to get you Traffic.



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