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    Choosing a Niche


    There are literally millions of each type of store in the world. There are grocery stores, stores specializing in;  clothes, appliances, home decor, furniture, art, baby clothes, toys, sporting goods etc.  People all over the world are buying things in a wide range of categories in thousands of niches.  The buying habits globally are shifting to online transactions at a very rapid rate.

    I define a niche as a specific segment of a market, for a specific “audience”.  To many, the “Niche word is one of the scariest words when they are starting out online.  The idea of a niche should not scare you at all.  Instead it should really excite you!

    There are almost 3 Billion people online, no question the biggest marketplace on the planet. Think about how powerful it would be to become an expert in a specific category.  Those billions of people are online and a lot of them are searching he internet for products and services and buying online every single day. With all this online opportunity, the niche word as it pertains to the online world easily becomes a thrilling one.

    What should my Niche be?

    Your niche should be something that you like.  It really helps if it is something that you enjoy immersing yourself in. It ought to be something that you find easy to talk about.  Make it something you yearn to keep learning about and that you want to share your knowledge and expertise about and instruct or teach others about.

    Remember whatever niche you choose, you are going to:

    • want to enjoy helping people within your niche
    • be writing content and communicating within your niche
    • promoting within your niche
    • potentially turn it into a “full time” successful business
    • possibly change niches

    niche appeals to a group

    The niche thing is really about appealing to a group of people. Just about anything that you can think of is really a niche. With all those searches taking place, you should be able to earn money online from pretty much any niche.

    The ideal niche is a topic that is of great interest to you.  It is important to choose a niche in an area of interest, something that you will enjoy working on.  It could be a need or a want, a passion, a hobby or a set of problems that you want to solve.  Your online business should not feel like work it should be fun to earn money online. When you are working on something that you enjoy doing, it feels a lot less like work and you will likely be more productive.


    Specificity for your Niche is key

    That audience ( a group of people) is interested in something. That something is quite specific.  It is imperative to be specific when choosing the group of people that will be your audience. If you are too broad, it will be challenging to speak to and connect with that audience.  Think about the category of exercise and health. You surely wouldn’t walk into a yoga center and expect them to give you advice on how to use weights to build muscle mass.

    Be specific.  You cannot be too broad in your Niche choices. As an example, choosing a Niche for people interested in Cooking is too broad.  People are looking for something more specific than cooking.

    There are thousands of niches in cooking. Thousands if not millions of people are looking for something specific as it relates to cooking.  They may want help in solving the fact they the lack a lot of time to prepare meals.  They could be looking for ideas on quick and easy meal preparation. They may want great meals for their toddlers.  They may want to cook with ingredients found in the wild etc., etc.

    So be specific, rather than cooking, choose instead something specific like the following:

    • Easy Meals to prepare for the busy working mom and dad
    • Great nutritious meals for toddlers
    • Meals you can cook in less than 15 minutes
    • Cooking with meats
    • Cooking with vegetables
    • Cooking tasty meals with wild plants
    • Simplifying mealtime
    • Make meals quick and easy
    • Cooking with real ingredients

    If you effectively target the specific audience you will have a niche with a large group of people.  Don’t be concerned about competition in your niche. Within a targeted group, there are thousands if not millions of low competition keywords that you can target. You can learn all about these keywords and how to capitalize on any niche at Wealthy Affiliate for a competitive advantage.



    There are millions of people within every niche.  So go ahead and choose a niche.  Jump into it with both feet.  Drill deep and find that specific group of people that you want to appeal to.

    The internet continues to grow. This is creating more opportunities absolutely everywhere that you look.  It is only going to continue to grow.

    If you need any help on finding a niche or you want to get feedback on your ideas, drop a comment below and we will be more than happy to try to help.




    Founder of Pathway to Making Money Online


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