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Building a Website  


Today, you don’t have to be a web developer to construct an expert website. Websites have really come a long way in the past few years. With so many website builders now available on the market, just about anyone can build a professional looking website.  The days of having to create code are long gone.

There is a broad spectrum of automation embedded in today’s site builders that have evolved from Content Management Systems (CMS).  These tools are available for everything you need to create and maintain a professional website with a few simple clicks – from blogging, posting, integration a and even valuable and easy to use site monitoring tools. They remove the need for HTML knowledge or experience and other coding languages, opening website building to almost any online newbie.

I personally recommend WordPress. It is it is easy to use, inexpensive, provides an abundance of Theme Templates, is feature rich and just as important, is very easy to maintain.

You can get started in building your very own website with SiteRubix which is made available to you with a Free Starter membership @ Wealthy Affiliate.

The key things that you want to set up your website:

  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting
  • Adding content (creating posts, pages, adding media, links,  pages etc.
  • Site backup and safety features (anti-spam)
  • Attracting visitors
  • Generating revenue

SiteRubix is free website builder using WordPress supported by Wealthy Affiliate.  With access to SiteRubx, you can create up to two (2) of your very own websites and leverage the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate to get you on the path to making money online.

The first step in creating a free SiteRubix site involves choosing a domain for your interest and then choosing a name for your site. I recommend something that is brandable and keyword related.

Run a few words through the Jaxxy tool below (Check out Jaxxy).

 Try out Jaxxy and do a keyword Search.

Choose a name for your website and get started here.

There is no Cost to get started to build your own websites with SiteRubix and you could potentially generate income before paying anything.  It has never been easier or more streamlined to build a website than it is today.   With the combination of Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix, you can easily set up and access WordPress and be up and be running very quickly.

The Wealthy Affiliate training will help guide you through the process.  Starting from setting up your first website, to creating quality content, to using various tools and social media to attract visitors and most important, how to generate income from your creation.

Creating a profitable online business does not happen overnight, it may take a number of months to start generating income.

Keywords are very important and help increase your site visibility.  followed by selecting a look (theme) for your site. It will take you less than a minute and is actually that simple. What I really like about working this way is that choosing a theme is a simple click when activating your website. If you don’t like the look of your site you can easily change it by choosing and activating another theme. Just like any other website builder, the free hosting with SiteRubix will have its own sub-domain.  It will look like this:

This would be fine for something like a blog that you want to share with friends.

A domain that you own would look like this:

Owning your own domain is ideal and can be purchased for approximately $10 to $15 a year and in my opinion is well worth the expenditure. It is like owning your own piece of property in the online world.  I suggest if you want to create a business online, you eventually want your own domain. In my experience, many people start with the free domain and then migrate to their own Domain. This can easily be done and Wealthy Affiliate provides a transfer tool.

Some of the advantages that I have experienced with owning your own Domain:

  1. It is yours, you own it and it appears much more professional
  2. Your website performs better in search engines (Google, Yahoo…..)
  3. Less reliance on the hosting company
  4. You have more freedom to do what you want with your website

There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying things out for free – I recommend it. It is a great way to experiment and take a real live test run – It will certainly help make you think things through and solidify your ideas, getting you closer to your passion.

I hope this helps you to get you started on the pathway to making money online.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions in the comment box below.




Founder of Pathway to Making Money Online


  1. Rob S.

    You really do not need experience to use WordPress in building a website. But if you join Wealthy Affiliate it becomes even easier yet. Here’s a program that not only guides you, it trains and teaches you everything you need to build a website for a business.
    You can join for free and while you don’t get all the benefits of premium status, it gets you started on the right track.
    Your hosting, backup, training, and support from over 800,000 helpful members is there for you. I joined. It was a wise decision because you get to help people, blog about your passion, and make money. Who else wants to jump on this train?

    • Claudio

      Hi Rob,

      Thank you so much for visiting http://www.pathwaytomakingmoneyonline... and your feedback on the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and WordPress combination.  

      Your points are right on the mark. 

      So happy that WA has been a good train ride for you, it has been a good one for me too. The helping people aspect you mention by paying it forward is a WA philosophy that a lot of other businesses should put in place. It has been a difference maker fro me  

      All the Best on your online journey!

  2. John Rico

    Hey there! I’m actually looking for a part time job online. I heard great things about creating a website and earn money with it. I don’t know how to start luckily I found your article about siterubix. I don’t have money and joining wealthy affiliate for free and start to create website is a positive for me. What are the advantages of premium members of wealthy affiliate?

    • Claudio

      Hi John,

      Thank you for visiting

      John, I agree, an online business is a great part time business to start.  

      Good question on what are the differences between a Free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate and a Premium paid Membership at Wealthy Affiliate. 

      In Summary:

      Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate – instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate Community, live chat, 500+ training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites and access to the keyword tool search.  Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate – “All inclusive” platform. Wealthy Affiliate Premium covers some of the other “costs” that you would incur in launching an online business – website builder fees, hired help, hosting fees, keyword tool fees, provides mentor-ship, writing tools, domains and live training events.   

      You can also read my review of Wealthy Affiliate  https://pathwaytomakingmoneyon… which includes more details and a table that compares the two types of Membership.

      I hope that this helps.  

      Thank you again and If you have any further questions or I can help in any way, please feel free reach out to us. All the best!

  3. Jacob Schilling

    As a member of wealthy affiliate myself, who now exclusively uses the SiteRubix platform, I must say that I really have come to understand just how great the overall platform is. I know that many bloggers go through an insane amount of trouble coding in their websites, as well as many other optimization fixes, whereas you are in good hands with wealthy affiliate because they take care of all of that for you.

    • Claudio

      Hi Jacob,

      Thank you for visiting and for the feedback. Glad to hear your positive input, WA has made the journey into the online world so much easier. 

      Wish you all the very best.

      Best regards,



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