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    My Story

    This is a bit of my experience with Wealthy Affiliate and I hope that sharing it with you will help you to understand what it is all about.  I started out knowing very little about online businesses.

    I believe that if you are looking for the very best place online to learn how to build a successful online business to be proud of, with endless support and resources (Premium Member) then the Wealthy Affiliate Program is the place for you.

    Let me share with you why I believe this based on my own personal experience.  I first learned about Wealthy Affiliate not too long ago, the middle part of 2016. A few months later I have a number of websites, I have helped and continue to help others optimize their websites and I continue to learn more and at the same time continue to build my online businesses.

    A business acquaintance of mine knew that I had an interest in online business so they sent me some information on Wealthy Affiliate and it really perked my interest.

    I had been interested in doing business online but had tried and failed with other programs. I had to find out what Wealthy Affiliate was all about.  After I did a little research, I signed up for the Free membership, I thought what do I have to lose?  It took me less than a week to figure out what the folks at Wealthy Affiliate were up to and I immediately signed up for the Premium Membership.

    I was expecting to see the same old hype and get rich quick sales promotions with escalating costs that I had seen so many times before and that sadly I had fallen for. That was far from what I experienced.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I did not uncover any of those past scams.  I found the two main guys behind Wealthy Affiliate were just two entrepreneurs with an innovative way for anyone to be able to learn how to make money online.

    I found Wealthy Affiliate is what I perceive to be the equivalent of an online University.  I found it to be the best place on the planet to learn how to build a successful online business.

    Join Wealthy Affiliate for Free

    If you are not currently a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community, click on the above picture to become a Member for Free.

    What do you get?

    When you sign up for the Free membership you get to see the community in action by communicating directly with other people.  You can get started immediately with the Wealthy Affiliate Online Certification Program.

    You will learn more for Free from Wealthy Affiliate then some other programs charging hundreds if not thousands.

    You are assisted in going through the process of understanding the concepts of business online and then you get walked through creating your own online business with 10 Lessons that show you how to do it. You get off to a quick start with building your first website online in just a few hours  – Setting you up to start making money.  Free members can build two websites for Free.

    So what is Wealthy Affiliate?

    Wealthy Affiliate is not just a learning and resource center for making money online but a trove of resources and information, a one-stop shop for building a profitable online business.

    The program is updated constantly to ensure that it is up to date. There is always new Training, Tutorials and Informative blog posts added every day.  You can progress at your own pace in a criticism-free environment.

    What differentiates it from others is that the members of Wealthy Affiliate are focused on helping each other to succeed.  It is like family, I know so many members that feel like Wealthy Affiliate is their extended family.

    Wealthy Affiliate has what they call an Open Education Project. Members are not only learning to how to build their own online businesses, some of the advanced members teach other members how to be successful online. Wealthy Affiliate provides incentives for a member who enjoy offering their help of personal skills and training to help other members, they earn Wealthy Affiliate credits and they are provided compensation for their efforts.

    You start by getting help in finding the perfect niche and then you get the training on and learn how to market products online.  You have the ability to liaison with people working on the same things.

    As a Premium member, you get access to Jaxxy, a very powerful keyword tool.

    A premium membership definitely has many advantages for beginners and seasoned marketers as well.

    You get access to all the continuously growing and improving premium material at WA. There are 1,000′s of hours of training videos and tutorials and 13 classrooms.

    You get access to a library of walkthrough videos that cover every topic imaginable in building an online business. You can to build unlimited websites, take part in the online up to date classrooms and get valuable information, watch live video training every week hosted by the WA’s Marketing Genius, Jay.

    You can live chat with experienced members from around the World including both the founders of Wealthy Affiliate Carson and Kyle. There is a member live chat where you can join in and ask questions and receive help if you need it and you can give help.

    You get access to some very powerful tools – Keyword Research, Rapid Writer to help write blogs and pages, Website Builder, Link Tracking, Secure Website Hosting, Full redundancy, Daily backups, 24/7 website monitoring, fully managed email & forwards, Site Health analysis, auto Website login and 24/7 Technical Support.   

    Join the Starter Free ($0) membership and go through the simple steps of setting up a profile account.

    After spending a few days looking around, if you are not satisfied for any reason, come and leave your feedback and experience.

    BONUS:  If you do join Wealthy Affiliate with the FREE starter account, and you decide to Sign up for a PREMIUM-Account within the First 7 Days, you will receive a 59% discount on your first month. + Additional Bonuses for strategies and techniques that will help set you up to win.

    #1.  4 hours of LIVE class training on becoming an authority online detailing the most crucial steps to becoming an authority figure online in ANY niche.

    #2. A live class by Kyle one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate walking you through what he would do if he had to start over today from the beginning.

    #3. The Unexpected Path to Success in 2018 and beyond! An ONE HOUR walkthrough of the “unexpected” things that you should be doing your online business, that you likely are not.

    The Premium Membership is $49 a month or $359 a year.

    The Diagram below is a comparison of Free Membership to the Premium Membership demonstrating the benefits of signing up for a Premium Membership.






    Founder of Pathway to Making Money Online


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